Grant Cordell


Grant Cordell is a singer-songwriter based in St. Louis, Missouri. With folk, rock, and pop influences, Grant weaves together dynamic, yet whimsically hopeful melodies into compelling tales of daring and adventure. 

Grant's initial foray into music began at age 13, through his grandfather, who gave him lessons on the pedal steel guitar playing southern gospel music. This birthed an innate love for music within him. Hungry for more, he learned the guitar, banjo, mandolin, and began songwriting. Now working in styles ranging from folk to rock, Grant brings forth his traditional background to create music with an innovative, yet rooted feel. 

Outside of his artistic endeavors, Grant works as a cattle rancher on his family's farm, enjoying the time outdoors it provides. An avid proponent of the strenuous life, he constantly seeks adventure; be it through climbing, martial arts, fishing, or other physical activities. 

Given his active disposition, many of his influences derive from movers and shakers of both the past and present. He derives his storytelling style from the likes of H. Rider Haggard, and his lyricism from poets like Alan Seeger and Rudyard Kipling. Along with these influences he internalizes those of modern artists like Mumford and Sons, Lord Huron, and Switchfoot. By pooling these various artistic forms together, Grant synthesizes them into soundtracks to shake the world to. 

Director | DP | Editor : Josh Herum